Holiday seasons are great occasions to make our loved ones happy with love and togetherness, true. But in the modern era these are also the times of buying gifts, and let us all be honest, it feels incredibly good to present someone something they love, almost as good as receiving something from someone we love! Be it buying clothes from online clothing shops or from luxury make-up brands, shopping holidays are always fun times.

But it’s easy to get lost in the sea of bazillion online shops and beauty products for different types of skins, preferences, so it never hurts to get a little help form wherever we can manage!


Here’s our list of the best gift ideas for a beauty geek. We have broken it down to 3 sections.

Beauty product ideas for –

  • Amateur
  • Intermediate
  • Professional

Beauty Product Gift Ideas for the Beginners

  • Real technique - Spotlight Essential Set 

So we are assuming the person you want to buy the gift for is a newbie in the make up game. Now let’s admit this, at the beginning most of us tried to manage all the eyes-cheeks blending with one or two brushes max. So the amateur make up geek is not possibly thinking of investing money on a full set of good quality brush. Surprise them with the best in the market. Real Techniques basic set of 3 brush will help them get the perfectly blended cheeks and eyes and they will thank you forever for this!

  • Kylie Lip Kit - The Birthday Edition

You love them or you hate them, but you can’t deny they know what they are doing. Especially the seemingly oblivious, the youngest one from the famous Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner surely knows how she wants to rock her own cosmetics line called Kylie Cosmetics. The insanely popular lip kits can be a dream gift for any new beauty obsessed. The color pay off and longevity are absolutely worth the money.

  • Origins - Youth Protecting Perfection

A good quality skin care kit is always a winner. Anyone past the age of 20 should take their skin care regime seriously. No make-up can help you look flawless and radiant if your skin is not as great. Help someone to take their first step to eternal youth and beauty by giving them an amazing set of exfoliator, moisturizer, serum, and eye treatment. Origins Youth Protecting Perfection Kit is the perfect combination of all of these things which will keep the skin firm and younger looking for years fighting lines and wrinkles.


For Your Everyday Make Up Lovers

  • Urban Decay - Naked Heat Palette 

Titled as he iPhone of Makeup, the famous Naked Palettes from Urban Decay not only deliver the highest amount of pigmentation, but also some of the most beautiful shades are assorted in the palettes. There’s an array to choose from, plus the newest addition Naked Heat palette just got introduced and as predicted has taken the world by storm.

  • Honest Beauty - Contour + Highlight Kit

One small box to solve all the contouring and highlighting confusion. The two creamy contouring shades can be mixed nicely together. And goes well perfectly on any skin tone. The universal illuminator is also something that can be used as a highlighter on any skin type.


Gifts for Beauty Gurus

  • Sephora Favorites Give Me Nude Some Lip

The beauty addict may have most of the lip colours under the sun, but don’t let that stop you from buying her this ultimate lip kit collection from Sephora. The year-end gift box contains all the best colours from the year featuring brands such as Nars and Tarte. If the fancies one of the mini samples, she can easily buy a full size one. This box will give her an opportunity many shades from various brands without spending much on it.

  • Eyeko - Mascara Wardrobe

Surprise her with 6 award winning mascaras in one box. Eyeko has assemble 6 long lasting mascaras to wear in different situations and each time look equally fabulous. This is a great quality product presented in a luxe gift box. For any eye make-up lover the mascara wardrobe can be the best gift ever.

  • Laura Mercier - Sweet Temptations Ambre Vanille Luxe Body Collection

Mix the sensual softness of amber with the comfortable warmth of vanilla, and you get this limited edition bath collection from Laura Mercier. This beautiful bath collection is suitable for all skin types. After a long exhausting day, a beautifully scented fresh bath is all one asks for what ensures flawless skin and accentuates natural beauty.

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